Thursday, July 18, 2013

Read, Write, Travel

Author Walter Mason interviewed me recently for his blog on reading, writing and travelling.
You can read all about it here

 On his blog Walter calls himself a writer, spiritual tourist and lifelong dilettante.
You an add to that: published author, blogger, networker, traveller, foodie, raconteur and all round lovely person.

He also has another blog with noted author Stepanie Dowrick, which I have had the pleasure of writing for a while back. The Universal Heart Bookclub.

Walter's next book will be out in September. Following the popular Destination Saigon, published in 2010, Allen and Unwin are bringing out Destination Cambodia.

From Allen & Unwin 

"Join intrepid traveller, Walter Mason - author of Destination Saigon - on a colourful adventure to one of the world's hottest new destinations. Meet taxi drivers, writers, hip -hop stars and monks as he traverses this extraordarily beautiful country. 

Walter Mason's distinctive voice, his upfront knowledge of Cambodia and wicked sense of humour meet in this riotous celebration of a remarkable and resilient nation, which has become a great tourist destination."

Walter has a number of events planned beginning in Sept, to celebrate the new book!

a writer, a spiritual tourist and a lifelong dilettante - See more at:
a writer, a spiritual tourist and a lifelong dilettante - See more at:

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